It’s time to make a difference

I am an Edinburgh graduate, a feminist, trade unionist, and social justice activist to my core.

I’ve got experience at senior levels of organisational work, including Government Advisory Groups, serving as Scotland Commissioner on the Women’s National Commission, and Assistant Secretary of the STUC.

My background is one of building alliances, pulling different skills together, planning effective campaigns and events, and ensuring all voices are heard.

I’m standing for Rector because I want to see a University that puts students and staff at its heart, targeting its resources at supporting excellent teaching, learning and research.

As Chair of Court, the University governing body, I will work to create a better community for all, especially one that makes fair pay, fair pensions, and decent work a priority across the University.

We need to consider on-site workplace nursery provision and crèche facilities an investment to make the whole university better, not just an unaffordable luxury for a few.

We’ll take urgent action to create a university-wide approach to tackle harassment, sexual assault and gender-based violence, and workload concerns will be addressed, starting with a staff survey, so that finally the university will hear your voices.

To that end, transparency in decision-making at every level will be crucial.

I will work with staff and students so that you have a say in our curriculum, our values, our working environment, and how the university is run, in line with wider commitments on sustainability and social responsibility.

There are many challenges ahead: protecting and supporting EU students, staff and research funding; playing a constructive partner role in the Edinburgh City Deal; and confidently adopting the changes in governance arising from the HE Governance Scotland Act 2016.

With a communal approach, we can ride out these events to the best advantage for our university community.

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