It’s time to make a difference

A Proven Activist and Campaigner

I graduated from Edinburgh University in 1978, studying MA Social Administration and Sociology.

As a student, I was involved in EUSA and various clubs and societies, including editing The Student newspaper and volunteering for disadvantaged youth with Children’s Holiday Venture.

I was one of Scotland’s first woman train drivers, and I know what it is like to face harassment and discrimination at uni and in the workplace.

Since then, I have worked for the Scottish Parliament and the Trade Union movement.

I have spent a lifetime fighting for positive change: for women’s and LGBTQ+ liberation, anti-racism, and workers’ solidarity.

From apartheid in South Africa to abortion rights and bodily autonomy, I have been on the right side of history; campaigning for equality, fairness and social justice – the values I’ll bring to the role of Rector.

A Shared Vision for Education

The student experience isn’t what it used to be – there were no fees, and we were paid living grants so we wouldn’t have to work to support ourselves while studying, and could leave debt-free.

I share students’ vision of a free, democratic, and liberated education system, accessible to all.

As chair of University Court, I will work with you to create a better community for all, one that centers inclusivity, engagement, and transparency.

The next three years will include supporting EU citizens, and research funding, as Brexit talks continue.

As Rector, I will be approachable and accountable, taking time to listen, championing your priorities to help shape our university’s future.

We need more targeted support for the problems you face –

  • widespread mental health issues
  • extortionate rent prices (including uni halls)
  • precarious work and exploitative zero hour contracts
  • the responsibilities of student parents and carers

We need

  • more mental health funding
  • easier special circumstances procedures
  • rent controls
  • universal living grants
  • onsite childcare and crèche provisions

We need a university-wide approach to tackle harassment, sexual assault and gender-based violence, and creating a safe environment free from discrimination, and we need to make the democratic structures of the university accountable and accessible to students and staff.

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