Rectorial address

Image credits: University of Edinburgh/Douglas Robertson Thank you – to the Principal, Eleri, Harriet, and a big welcome to everyone that has come here today I’m really glad that members of my family, and neighbours and friends have been able to join us too. I hope that you will all have an enjoyable afternoon. Take … More Rectorial address

Thank you

Thank you for all your support, I’m proud to be your new rector! The Rector is elected for a period of three years and presides at the University’s governing body, the University Court. The Rector also chairs meetings of the General Council in the absence of the Chancellor, and works closely with Edinburgh University Students’ … More Thank you

Postgraduate experience @ Edinburgh University

Over the last month I have had the chance to discuss many different topics with staff and students across the University. Many good stories to tell of course, but also some concerns, reinforced by reports to the University Court, and in the Annual Report. Difficulties with securing appropriate affordable accommodation, and accessing childcare and finding … More Postgraduate experience @ Edinburgh University

Sport and Exercise – contributing to the health and wellbeing of all students and staff

Following up on a meeting with the Sports Union President and some members of the Executive on Thursday, here are some points that I would take forward as Rector: Supporting the roll out of the ‘Boost Your Mood‘ initiative across campuses, and within student accommodation. This is such a practical and popular way of investing … More Sport and Exercise – contributing to the health and wellbeing of all students and staff

Fixed term contracts

Fixed term contract employees must be treated no differently from other employees, with regard to employment conditions, holiday pay, protection under health and safety legislation, access to pension schemes, maternity and paternity leave, and other matters. Where a number of fixed term contracts run consecutively, this should lead to permanent (open-ended) employment status as early … More Fixed term contracts