Maggie Chapman

Higher Education is at a crossroads. UK students need someone to stand up for free education, and EU and International students need someone to stand up for their rights at a time of huge uncertainty. University staff need a rector who can support them in protecting their pensions and against an ongoing attack on their … More Maggie Chapman

Peter McColl

A good Rector can totally change the nature of how the University works. By making sure that the student and staff voice gets heard at the highest levels the Rector can deliver change on issues from student accommodation to feedback to free education and also staff pensions. Ann has the right principles and the experience … More Peter McColl

Andrea Bradley

Ann Henderson’s knowledge, insight and wisdom are evident in whichever context she applies them, whatever the issue at hand. Both articulate and attentive, she is skilled in representing the views of others and in progressive campaigning. Everything that she does in underpinned by an unshakeable commitment to fairness and social justice. If elected, Ann, as … More Andrea Bradley

Satnam Ner

As a life-long scientist and trade unionist, I am whole-heartedly supporting Ann Henderson for Rector. I have known Ann for well over 10 years through her tireless work for the trade union movement in Scotland. A hugely effective campaigner for change. I’m confident that she will bring much needed core trade union values, particularly equality … More Satnam Ner

Ian Murray

I’ve worked with Ann for many years and throughout all that time she has had the communities of South Edinburgh at her heart. Her long association with Edinburgh communities makes her an ideal choice for Rector. She will stand up for students, staff and the University to make the experience of University better for all … More Ian Murray